Dungeon Master's Advice Dice

Created by Donald Papp

Does the DM need a little help or inspiration? Roll the dice and take their advice! (or don't) The DM's Advice Dice are a fun way to add variety, spark ideas, or just plain let the DM take a breather in your favorite RPG! Can't quite think? Stuck in a rut? Players getting complacent? Roll the dice, consider the results, and incorporate into your game!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Continues, Backlog Dwindles!
10 days ago – Tue, Jan 05, 2021 at 11:35:33 PM

Dice continue to go into the mail regularly, and the backlog won't last much longer!  I expect to have every dice set on their way by the first week of February.  Happy New Year, everyone!  Your rewards are either shipped, or will be soon!

  • Once packages are in the mail, it takes about a week or two to be delivered in the USA and Canada.  International shipments can take up to a month or two to be delivered once they are mailed, so please be patient as the system chugs along.
  • For the people who haven't gotten their Collector's Boxes yet, a bit more time is needed. (More on that below.)

Remaining Collector's Boxes Need a Bit More Time

There is only one exception to the shipping ETA above: anyone who hasn't gotten their Collector's Box yet.  These need a bit more time, because of a problem over the holidays that caused a delay.  The good news is that it's solved!  The slightly bad news is that it will take until mid- or late-February to finish the last Collector's Boxes.  Thank you for your trust and patience on this, it's almost done.

In Short: Full Steam Ahead!

When you receive your rewards (if you haven't already) I am certain you will be pleased with what you receive! Thanks for being with me on this journey!

Wanted To Give The Dice as a Gift This Holiday Season? Read This!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 06:49:50 AM

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Shipping Continues, Will be Done in the New Year
about 2 months ago – Fri, Nov 27, 2020 at 10:24:06 PM

Shipping Going Smoothly

This update has no new information, but that's good!  Shipping continues, although there have been setbacks (COVID-19 related shutdowns slowing things down, for example.)  

I don't mind telling you all, I have fulfilled mail order stuff before and thought I had a pretty good handle on shipping in general, but there is always more, more, more to learn.  Happily, all the kinks are worked out so it's just a matter of time now.

Shipping Will Continue Into New Year

Shipping will go on during the holiday season and into the new year, I'll keep you all updated.  

FYI, the packages are from 'AE INNOVATIONS'.  If you see that, that's me!

If Your Address Changes

As long as your order has not shipped, you can update your shipping address by going here and providing the email address you use here on Kickstarter (or you can just look in your past email and re-visit the URL BackerKit sent you for your survey/pledge manager.)  You can also follow that link to see your current address if you want to check that all is correct.

As long as your pledge has not yet been processed and shipped, the address can be changed.

Have a Few Pictures

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes! (addresses have been blurred out) A large IKEA bag can hold exactly 60 of these. Neat.
Dice, dice, and more dice!
Here's the final packaging (dice are in a stapled plastic bag, it's not shown because it's hard to photograph)

Have a Good and Safe Holiday Season!

The First of Many Batches Are Shipping!
2 months ago – Mon, Nov 09, 2020 at 11:46:59 PM

Happy news! The kinks are worked out and the first bunch of packages are on their way! 

There are many more to go, but here is a picture of the very first batch to head out the door:

I find the packaging and shipping process quite calming, to be honest. Something about the precise steps, and the benefits of documenting and following a clear process. But I'll feel even better the more boxes I send on their way.

Here is a brief Q&A since I know you are excited and full of questions!

When Will My Package Ship?

If you get a notice about locking your address from BackerKit, then your order's turn is coming up soon!  I am trying to ship packages in (roughly) the same order that pledges were made, but this isn't a guarantee and might have to change (because the shipping tools don't make this easy, and it is also not always the fastest way to get boxes out the door.)

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Canada and the USA will be the fastest (normally about 2-3 weeks) but expect delays due to the holiday season. Packages mailed to the USA will have a tracking number, and BackerKit will send this to you when your order ships.

International destinations will take much longer, perhaps as much as 4-10 weeks, so please be patient.  (Note: proper customs information and values are on all packages, so customs should not be a significant delay.)

Will Orders Arrive Before The New Year?

Some will, but many -- maybe even most -- will probably not. I am shipping as fast as I can, but I am only one person with a lot of boxes to process. Also, once they go out the door it's in the hands of the carriers and they have delays, customs, COVID-19 fallout, and holiday rushes to deal with. It's not the best year to be shipping things, but all of us are doing our best.

The First 10 Collector's Boxes Are On Their Way

Soon those of you who ordered from the first batch of Collector's Boxes will see what I created. Each one has a unique serial number (they are a limited edition, after all) but it's hidden, and not obvious to find.  The remaining Collector's Boxes are being built while I process orders, and will ship out as I complete them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed designing them!

How to Change / Update Your Shipping Address If Needed
2 months ago – Tue, Nov 03, 2020 at 08:06:07 AM

I wanted to share a quick reminder on how to update your shipping address if needed. BackerKit is how shipping addresses are being gathered and managed, so you'll do it there. (And if you are one of the small number of people who have not filled out their BackerKit surveys yet, please do so as soon as you can.) Addresses in BackerKit can be changed at any time up until shipping begins. 

To change or update your shipping address:

  • Use the special URL sent to you by BackerKit (each backer got their own URL) and you can change your address any time as long as shipping hasn't begun.
  • You can recover your BackerKit pledge URL here: https://dm-advice-dice.backerkit.com/

I am going to try to lock people's addresses as close as possible to when their shipping actually happens (but the shipping tools are not really made for this, so it's a bit frustrating.)

Cheat Sheet for Shipping & Address Questions

Need to Change Your Address?

  • Check your inbox (or spam folder) for your personalized URL from BackerKit. Click it and you can make changes (as long as shipping hasn't started.)
  • Can't find the email?  Click here to recover it: https://dm-advice-dice.backerkit.com/

Not sure if you filled out your survey right?

  • Check your inbox (or spam folder) for your personalized URL from BackerKit. Click it and check what you filled out.
  • Can't find the email?  Click here to recover it: https://dm-advice-dice.backerkit.com/

Need Something Else?

  • If all else fails, send me a message here on Kickstarter and I'll do my best to help you out.

What happens if I just don't do anything?

  • If you filled out your survey with BackerKit and provided a shipping address, your order will get sent to that address when shipping begins.
  • If you have NOT provided a shipping address at all, no shipping will happen until one is given.  You can do that with the BackerKit URL emailed to you (or click here to recover it).  Or you can wait until BackerKit reminds you about it.
  • Before shipping starts, you'll get a notice before your address is locked-in and can no longer be changed.

Finally, Here's a Picture

Dice bags and dice, ready for processing!